Thursday, September 24, 2015


      I've had some technical problems getting started with blogging. Finally called my son for help. He's a whiz with computers. Expressing what is on my mind concerning my passion for Montessori education, has taken longer . . . like two years.
      Everyone, who has read my book, Montessori, Living the Good Life, knows of the blessings of Montessori experiences for family life. Montessori life in the home gives a family the greatest opportunity for happiness, peace, joy and love.
     But what happens when a family has problems . . . financial troubles that become a greater burden than their family life, their joy of life can handle? What happens when happiness is lost to despair and darkness? What happens when evil enters in?
     Evie's Secret, an historical novel, written during the depression of the thirties, answers these questions. Evie has a secret that reveals the joy and darkness of life.

Evie's Secret is not yet completed. My intention is to share chapters in my blog. Comments are encouraged.

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