Friday, February 10, 2012

More Beginnings

I'm in Kauai vacationing for a month. My book went on-line just before Ted and I left so I'm celebrating as best I can and looking forward to promoting my book when I get home when I have access to a decent computer and materials. In the meantime, I have mailed many letters to family and friends about this exciting event in my life.

Many thoughts come to mind as I stroll along the beaches--like what am I going to write about next. I miss the writing. Marketing is another career for me. I like it, though, and look forward to the socializing part that goes along with any business; but writing is my passion.

I've been so anxious to blog. I'm not very website smart. Except for my sons creating the website and assisting with the SEO work, this great site would not exist. Except that I am their mother, they would not have put up with my stream of emails and questions on the phone. I am grateful.

I am very thankful to Maria Montessori for her love of the child and her dedicated work to share her spirit with the world and especially to me. I hope readers will share their thoughts with me as this blog develops.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Blog Beginnings

I'm looking forward to having some comments if my readers can figure out how. I'm hoping you are smarter than I am.

Montessori: Living the Good Life