Saturday, January 5, 2013


Many citizens argue that our reality is one of greed, afraid we won’t get enough, don’t have enough, we want fulfillment and control, independence, freedom, youth. As adults we pass on our needy ways, we teach our children to be needy, not believing or realizing that the child’s reality is different than ours.

Maria asks, “How is the child to help in the construction of society?” She says, “By being allowed to bring his contribution, his ‘Work’. And what is the child’s ‘Work’?”. . . “the construction of the adult-that-is-to-be.”

The basic need of the child is ‘belonging’. Given an environment of love, they will work to develop their potentialities which will lead to normalization. A contented, normal child, student, teenager, or adult, can learn to know how to respect the use of guns.

“Stop, look, and listen, before you cross the street.” Remember learning this lesson as a child and in turn teaching it to our youngsters? Being hit by an automobile is deadly—as deadly as being shot with a gun. Should we get rid of automobiles and guns because of the potential danger? What should we do about not-normal, annoying, and potentially dangerous children and citizens of society? Surely, we, being normal loving citizens of society, know what they need. What is the lesson we have to learn? Stop, look, and listen before we ask our Government to pass more laws.

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