Sunday, June 9, 2013


I’m packing boxes of treasures and routine comforts. Our beds and books are gone. Soon we’ll be stuffing our bathroom and kitchen belongings in more containers. The sound of the ripping tape is getting on my nerves. How long will it be before we connect with our attachments again? Maybe two weeks? Exciting? An adventure? At this stage, it feels like an approaching tornado.

Maria Montessori tells a story of a young mother concerned for her crying child who, for apparently no reason, could not be consoled. She explains how young children have a sensitive time when they need their environment to have consistency. The child cried because the mother had disturbed the order of his surroundings by putting her coat in a different place than usual. This sensitive period for order usually happens around the age of two.

I’m feeling like a two-year old. Maybe it will help if I cry.

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